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Chenille Hot Pot Pads - Custom Orders -- 10 or more

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I can custom make these in other colours.  10 Minimum must be purchased to special order.  I require two weeks lead time for every 10 requested.  In doing special orders I will try to closely match all of the same colour.

These are extremely popular!! -- Great for promotional items as well as gifts.

There are 5-6 layers of fabric and a layer of batting in these.  They are "chenilled" so they are soft and wash up great.  Put a hot pot on them, or use as potholders. 

Various colours are available.  Please note, I have put down predominant colours to choose from, but each will also contain various other subdued colours.  We can give you a colour choice only, but each may have variations to the photo or pattern.

Prices are at $5.00 each for the special orders


Size:  7" x 7"


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