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Receiving Blankets

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These are warm and cuddly and made from flannel.  They are well constructed and will last through several babies.

The sizes may vary slightly, but are usually approximately 38" x 38". 

They are large, compared with normal store purchased blankets (much more to wrap that baby in).

Please choose a colour, but the patterns within that colour will be miscellaneous.  We have some specific ones, though, while quantities last.

If we are out of a colour, we will whip a blanket up for you!!!  You won't be disappointed!!

Prices are $8.50 each.

If you purchase four or more, they will be at $7.50 each ($30.00), or if you purchase at least ten they will be at $6.00 each ($60.00).  We will manually amend the pricing at shipping time.

*** Special idea *** ----  I "gift wrap" my baby gifts with a receiving blanket.

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